Organically based biostimulants for soil and water treatment
Envirom Green delivers environmentally friendly solutions to agriculture, horticulture, sports & leisure and the water treatment industry worldwide. Our solutions restore nature's balance in soil and water without the need for adding environmentally damaging ingredients.
The advantages are many and proven. Here are some:
  • Promotes stronger and healthier plants

  • Increases resistance to stress and diseases

  • Remedies soil compaction and thatch

  • Increases water efficiency

  • Reduces organic build-up in water features

  • Non-toxic, affordable and easy to apply

Through a biological extraction of prehistoric vegetation, our solutions restore the power of nature and also provides the necessary diversity and energy to enhance the vitality and restore the health of soil and water.

New offices in Rwanda

The Envirom Green Rwanda team have moved to new offices in the Free Trade Zone in Kigali.


The team is now located next door to our production facility. Envirom Green Rwanda is the headquarters and distribution hub for East Africa.

Our solutions
Soil enhancement and growth solutions
Our soil solutions contain natural minerals and agents that encourages biological soil activity. Increased biological soil activity improves the quality of the soil and the plants’ conditions for natural growth, thus increasing the yield and the nutrition in food yet requiring limited pesticides.
Water treatment solutions
Our solutions for treatment of water features solve problems like bad odor, organic build-up, pH imbalance, sludge accumulation and algae with natural ingredients such as specialized enzymes, organic acids, natural buffers, natural surfactants and a broad range of beneficial microbial families.

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