CBX Soil Solutions

Envirom CBX is a unique environmentally friendly biostimulant that is based on a high carbon mineraloid called Leonardite. This liquid blend is formulated to cater to the needs of growers of vegetables, grain, fruit, root crops, berries and other food crops as well as nurseries, gardening and horticulture.

How does it work?

Leonardite has the highest content of naturally occurring humic – and fulvic acids found in any source. The extract of this material contains an organic material which has very good effect on plants and soil. When CBX comes in contact with soil, the biodiversity in the soil increases and conditions are optimal to achieve stronger, healthier and more stable soils for plant growth.

CBX improves the soil structure and increases the cation exchange capacity which contributes to an increased availability of nutrients in the soil. Plants in soil treated with CBX experience rapid improvement in nutrient absorption, increased root growth, strength to withstand diseases and strong and healthy growth.


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CBX has been tested over many years on different plant cultures. The tests shows that the soil conditions are improved and optimized within a very short time after application.

In a specific test performed in the United States, the nutritional content  increased significantly after only six weeks. The diagram below shows the results of increase per nutrient in soil treated with CBX compared to soil without treatment.

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Product Specification

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Envirom CBX is non flammable and does not contain any toxins. In case of irritation to the eyes or skin, rinse with water. Do not drink. 


CBX should be stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight and high temperatures, prevent from freezing, and kept away from children. Shake well before use.


Manufactured by:

Envirom Green AS

P.b 577 - Sentrum

0105 Oslo



Envirom CBX is delivered in the following amounts:

1 liter bottle

10 liters canister

30/50 liters drum

1000 liters IBC container

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