Leonardite & Humic - and Fulvic acids

The basis for Envirom Green products is a mineraloid called Leonardite. This is a high carbon, plant based material that is available in many parts of the world.

Leonardite is the mineral remains of prehistoric vegetation that lived during a period of optimal growth on earth. Leonardite has been used as a fertilizer and soil enhancer for centuries due to the high content of naturally occurring humic – and fulvic acids. Humic – and fulvic acids make important contributions to soil stability and soil fertility leading to exceptional plant growth and nutrient uptake.

What distinguishes Envirom Green’s products from other Leonardite based products is its source of origin. Our deposit has never been flooded with water, and has as a result retained more soluble minerals than what is commonly found in other comparable sources where the minerals are normally leached from the ground.





Organic acids like humic – and fulvic acids are an integral part of the soil and the stimulation of plant growth. Humic – and fulvic acids are created when organic material is decomposed.    

Depending on their molecular size and solubility the acids are divided into humic acid, fulvic acid and humates. These acids increase the soil’s capacity for water retention and improve the soil structure, thus optimizing the conditions in the soil for nutrient availability and plant growth.

Humic – and fulvic acids have a positive effect on different groups of microorganisms that contribute to increased microbial diversity and activity. Humic – and fulvic acids are recognized by scientists and agronomists as one of the most important components in fertile soil and for a healthy and vital plant growth.

An important factor when measuring the nutrient availability in the soil is the cation exchange capacity (CEC), i.e. the soil’s ability to hold nutrient cations. Humic – and fulvic acids increase the CEC and as a result the amount of nutrients in the soil.

Humic – and fulvic acids further the production of the plant hormones auxin and cytokinin. Auxin regulates the plant’s hormone levels, while cytokinin aids to a stronger, longer lasting green colour and acts like an anti-oxidant that protects the cell membranes in stressful situations.

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