Restoring natural balance

Our solutions contain natural components that stimulates the balance between the biological systems in soil and water. By restoring the natural balance increases biodiversity which in turn adds vitality to the soil and water.


The basic ingredient in our solutions is an extract of a naturally occurring material. The material is a lignite coal like mineraloid called Leonardite, a high carbon, plant based mineral that is available in many parts of the world. Leonardite is the mineral remains of prehistoric vegetation that lived during a period of optimal growth on earth.

Leonardite has the highest content of naturally occurring humic – and fulvic acid found in any source. Humic – and fulvic acids are created when organic material is decomposed and they have the following important properties when applied to soil:

  • enhance soil aeration and water retention

  • improve availability of minerals and micronutrients for the plants

  • regulate the plants’ hormone levels by the slow release of auxins, amino acids and organic phosphates

  • increase biodiversity and the amount of microorganisms in the soil

Envirom Green’s products for soil enhancement and plant growth increase the biological activity in the soil which results in healthy soil. Healthy soil needs less water, repels pathogens and prevents diseases, requires less tillage and is a more efficient stimulant for growth.


The water health product is a biochemical formulation, scientifically designed to accelerate the oxidation of bio-solids in ponds, wastewater lagoons, grease traps, collection systems, perlocation basins and septic systems.  The solution will quickly eliminate odours, remove organic buildup, break down oil and grease, increase dissolved oxygen concentrations and decrease fecal coliform.


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