Soil solutions and plant growth

Envirom Green's solutions for soil enhancement and plant growth are based on leonardite. The different compositions contain humic and fulvic acids and have been formulated to aid in the natural processes of soil recovery and remediation. Our solutions are customized to cater to different usages, plant cultures and growth stages.   

Golf courses - Parks - Sports turfs

Envirom Turf&Green is the product for growth and maintenance of grass and turfs. This unique blend has well-documented results from internationally renowned golf courses and sports grounds. Turf&Green stimulates the biological balance in the soil and promotes greener, healthier turfs with stronger root systems. Read more

Planting  - Sowing - Seedling

Root Base is formulated with organic acids, natural growth enhancers, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Root Base promotes early germination and emergence of seedling; rapid early root growth; dense rhizosphere development; healthier seedling growth and survival. Root Base is applied when planting and sowing.  Read more

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