Water Treatment

Envirom Greens solutions for cleaning and treatment of water is based on the mineraloid leonardite. The solutions contain natural active substances that increase the amount of aerobic bacteria, which stimulates oxidation and faster decomposition of organic matter, which contributes to cleaner and healthier water systems.

Ponds - Lagoons - Collection Basins

Envirom ProOxidizeris a formulation that is     scientifically designed to accelerate the oxidation of bio-solids in ponds, lagoons, collection basins and other standing water. ProOxidizer contains multiple systems to increase the aerobic bacteria necessary to bio-oxidize sludge to carbon dioxide and water.
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On-land Aquaculture

Envirom AquaPro is developed for the reduction of organic waste in on-land aquaculture pools, tanks and other closed systems. Envirom AquaPro improves the microbiology in water that results in healthier populations of fish and shrimps, that results in higher yields. Envirom AquaPro is 100% environmentally safe.
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